LIVE Animal Key Rings – The latest fashion must have.

It is not often that I present only one side of an argument. I like to give both sides of the debate, or at least not only represent my own opinion – in practice for my future career (fingers crossed!). In a lot of my posts, I look at why circumstances are as they are, and try and see the bigger picture. That said there are times when I feel exceptions can be made and here is one of those exceptions:

A couple of weeks ago I came across an article that literally disgusted me. I thought animal cruelty only happened because of a minority of individuals who didn’t care or were more concerned with self-interests. I had faith that the vast majority of humanity would be as outraged with animal cruelty as me. That was until I read this article, describing the new fashion craze to hit Beijing: Live animal key rings.

I was outraged to read that the younger generation are being sold turtle hatchlings, a newt or two small fish. These helpless animals are sold in a sealed plastic bag, with a brightly coloured liquid and enough oxygen to survive a couple of days at the most. Worse still, because these animals are not endangered there is no legislation to protect them from abuse, cruelty or being shaken in a plastic bag until they die of shock or complete deprivation of oxygen.

The RSPCA are working with the Chinese government to draft legislation but you have to wonder how effective it will be. In a country where it has always been ok to mistreat animals, will people change their opinions? Furthermore with future generations learning the bad habits of their elders, with ridiculous fashion accessories, can the mind-set of China change? Adding to this problem we shouldn’t forget despite this being a truly awful case, it is by no means the worst thing going on in China. So is it even a priority? And how do you enforce something so few people seem to care about? There are certainly many issues that face China, I just worry that asking for an almost complete transformation of culture and beliefs is really going to happen. Is it just too much to ask for?

Live animals as key rings
Live animals as key rings - the latest fashion must have!

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  1. I would buy as many of those as possible and open the bags in hope that they survive…
    That’s disgusting. What on earth is wrong with people?

    • Well, if I saw that I think I would do the same. But as someone pointed out to me, buying as many as you can just means the sellers will go and get more. It almost increases the trade! I still think I might do it, just because once I’d seen those animals, looked them in the eye, I don’t think I could walk away. I was lucky enough to go to China a few years ago, and I absolutely loved it. I would love to go back …. but I don’t know that I could now my eyes are open to some of the animal cruelty taking place there. I don’t know what it worst: that there is far worse going on there, or that this case is so blatant and still – no one (in China) seems to care!

  2. My impression is that, contrary to what Ms Ellis seems to believe, over the last century and a half, the Chinese people have demonstrated a most impressive ability to reconsider established customs and Weltanschauungen. Frankly I find far more reason to be sanguine about the possibility that the Chinese will prove able to deal with the elements of animal cruelty that do exist in heir culture (as in ours) than about the possibility that people in countries like my own will prove able to deal with their governments’ addiction to wars of aggression, which also number other animals than H sapiens sapiens among their victims….


    • I take your point, but I really don’t think you can compare animal cruelty to a war. First of all (and I do not claim to be any expert in this area) any war must be just, i.e. the decision is not taken lightly, it is debated, and if not just then other countries would get involved to stop it, not to help as has been the case in situations such as the world wars and Afganistan.
      Secondly, while the case of a live animal as a key ring may be trivial to some, and of little concern as they are not endangered animals, it is not so trivial in other circumstances. Take for example my previous post on the Ivory crisis, or an article I read last night on whaling in Japan: the article said the problem of illegal whaling would not exist if the Japanese people did not see whales as a resource.
      In my opinion that is what it comes down to, you simply can not see endangered animals as a resource, or animals in general as something pretty to stick in a sealed bag and look at – especially not in this day and age.

  3. As mentioned, releasing them won’t help as the sellers have no incentive to stop. If people don;t buy them then they’ll have to find, hopefully, a more humane way of making a few buck.
    Don’t forget, they claim the water has nutrients in it that will keep them alive for a few months. How ridiculous! What about the air and what about wallowing in their own waste in this tiny space? And as for the “nutrients”, I bet you it is food coloring, and likely a cancer causing one as well!


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